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10 Local made Souvenirs

10 Local made Souvenirs from Curaçao

Curaçao has an enriched culture, and so much to look for; likewise, there are numerous options for gifts and souvenirs one can buy. For local souvenirs, most tourists go to the round market, the Marshe Nobo in Punda. There you can find lizards, kunuku houses, the trading quay all made of tin. The Marshe Nobel managed by Ms. Roxanne van Leeuw. A way of expressing and admitting to the feelings is through giving a gift and making the other person feel special.

Most of the souvenirs below are handmade by creative local artists on this beautiful island. Their brand represents and illustrates the heart and vibrant spirit of Curaçao in its purest form. Here are 9 local brands that make amazing Curaçao souvenirs that you would love to take home as a gift for a loved one or as a nice keepsake.


Driftwood Souvenir Curacao
Driftwood Souvenir Curacao

A very known souvenir from Curaçao are crafts made from driftwood. Driftwood is a beautiful material to work with.  It can be found in all different shapes and colors.  The hard wood can be found at some bays at the rough North coast of Curaçao, and the more soft pallet type of wood can be found at the South coast. Beautiful decorations for indoors and outdoors. Nice as a gift or souvenir, affordable and original! Unique memory of Dushi Korsoù, sweet memories of dushi Korsoù, made on request. For example you can have your Logo or company name designed on it with the colours of the beach. If you just got married, both of your names  decorated with sea shells and urchins, this is a great home decoration from your honeymoon in Curacao.

I made mine driftwood souvenir with Nigrita Nigrita, for more information click here


Chichi Souvenir from Curacao
Chichi Souvenir from Curacao

It was founded in 2000 by Serena and incorporated in Curacao’s culture and has become a part of the tradition. Chichi is a round-shaped figure painted with bright colors. Local artisans and painters produce it, and it is entirely handmade. It represents the symbolism of Big Sister, a strong, smart, caring, and happy person. Each figure is inscribed with a unique logo, name, location, and trademark coin, which changes every year for the originality. It is a souvenir and symbol of love for anyone and considered a memory of the place. 


LOCAL concept store is a hip souvenir shop in the Punda district in Willemstad. They sell all kinds of locally made products, focused on sustainability and craftsmanship. In this way, the 2nd Life Curaçao brand creates second opportunities for our waste. The “recycle” artworks are made by Andy Kirchner a.k.a. The Recycled Pirate. During his recovery from a spinal cord injury, he discovered his creative side, and with nothing but a few empty cans, planks and paint, he discovered Functional Recycled Art. With success, because he won the JCI IOBA Aspiring Creative Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 award, presented a TEDx Talk in Aruba and now sells artworks all over the world. At LOCAL concept store you will find even more pearls of recycled material, such as the colorful key rings, lamps, bowls and key rings from Limpi. The company was founded by Debrah and Mitchell, two adventurous types who decided to make colorful objects out of the plastic waste the island produces during a vacation on Curaçao. In this way they try to keep the island as clean as possible. Beautiful for the home, good for the planet!


Aloe Vera products as Souvenir

Aloe Vera is known for its bitterness, but Curacao has given it new meaning and provided people a range of products manufactured locally from scratch. It contains healing ability, vitamins, and other nutrients beneficial for a human body and skin. Aloe Vera is widely used in lotions, ointments, and bathing products as it works perfectly fine for all body types. It is also proven that Aloe Vera helps with ailing joint aches or acne problems. Every Aloe Vera product in Curacao is prepared from the local plantation making it more special and valuable. It is added to dietary plans, skin routines, and beauty packages allowing locals of Curacao to extract each perk of Aloe Vera has to offer.


An innovative approach to sustainability by recycling the plastic waste of Curacao. Curacao being an island and heaven for tourists, there are ample amounts of people visiting the island, exploring while having fun at the exotic beaches. As we all know, the dangers of plastic and its harmful impact on the climate, Limpi Recycling was formed to spread awareness, clean beaches, and recycle plastic waste. They transform that plastic into beautiful keychains and coasters, representing Curacao’s attractive colors and a symbolic souvenir to take home or gift someone. They also offer customized designs that facilitate in creating a personalized souvenir for your loved ones.


It is not possible to sum up the beauty of Curacao, but the local artists have put in efforts to grab all the vibrant, multicultural, and scenic views and colors of the island into a postcard. Its tropical characteristics attract people towards it and embark a memory of visiting the place. A beautiful reminder and a bait to visit again, Kokolishi painting is an art to remember and inviting acknowledgment every time you lay your eyes, which makes it an exceptional souvenir. 


A local brand with the popularity around the world, Blue Curacao. Liquor with a history of more than 500 years, when there was a rule of Spanish. They brought with them an orange plant for agriculture, but the dry and warm weather did not contribute to their needs and turned into a bitter citrus fruit, which later locals soaked its peels in alcohol preparing famous Blue Curacao. Its bitter and sour taste is renowned among the locals, which has an orange-ish taste. However, its blue color comes from the coloring, which makes the availability of drink in various colors. For some reason, the blue version has the most demand and is consumed at bars and restaurants as a drink or in a blend of cocktails. Moreover, the ingredient used in the making is not found anywhere on the earth except Curacao.


There are numerous options to choose while selecting a gift, but when it comes to an enduring and classic monument, Lovelies by Loeloe outranks all. It is a personal and lasting souvenir handcrafted by the locals inspired by the real beauty of Curacao. Undoubtedly, the designs and process of making are a blend of talent and timeless scenic views of the island. It is stylish and trendy pieces of jewelry depicting culture. There are a few options to select from like bracelets, necklaces, or earrings to gift someone. 


At Le Atelier you shop the best hand made products, all made with love and passion by local craftsmen and artists. For example, “island girl” uses Soaps and So soap to make natural ingredients, such as cactus, honey, green clay and mint. By using as many ingredients as possible that are found on the island – instead of importing them – Soaps and So tries to keep its ecological footprint as small as possible. Of course, the soaps have not been tested on animals. They smell great, are anti-allergenic and look great too! The L’Atelier range also includes the cheerful collection of cards and gadgets from DushiCards. Colorful and handmade: it immediately makes you happy! Le Atelier is also located in Punda, so if you want to spend an afternoon shopping in Willemstad, you’ve come to the right place!


Aside from essentials like medicine, kitchenettes, and other household products, there is an addition to the people residing in Curacao is Alcolado Glacial. It is a mentholated splash solution that was manufactured in 1948 for a specific use, but the people of Curacao have found other purposes of this lotion. It gives a refreshing feel to the body, particularly in warm weathers of Curacao; people intend to splash it onto their bodies, keeping themselves cool and refreshed. Hence, it is commonly known as air-conditioning in a bottle. It is very odd not to find it in every house as it works well for body or stomach aches. Locals use it as a home remedy; most of the time, it also helps get rid of a stuffy nose. In other uses of Alcolado Glacial, it includes relief from mosquito bites, bathing, and massaging.

A way of expressing and admitting to the feelings is through giving a gift and making the other person feel special. The following are some of the local souvenirs prepared locally, which add value to the lives of Curacao people.

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