Food Trucks in Curacao

11 x Food Trucks in Curacao

What can you think of when you hear the name Curacao? Beaches? Party? Culture? Heritage? Amazing people? Yes, you can think of all of that, but don’t leave out food. I am fond of great food and Curacao has some amazing international and traditional cuisines with rich flavors. In this post, I won’t be talking about fancy restaurants or those classy dining instead we will take a trip down to food trucks. 

Nowadays, food is more about fulfilling the appetite. It is more than a symbol, identity, and most importantly instagrammable. Every one now likes to snap a photo before eating it which has increased the attention of servers to make their food presentable. The culture of food trucks in Curacao goes back a long way when there wasn’t in any other city. The quality and quantity of food in commendable besides, there is no issue of hygiene like any other restaurant it is as good. 

Food trucks in Curacao start serving after 9:00 pm until after midnight. The timings are crucial because all the restaurants operate till 10 pm and what about those party animals who are having fun and dancing and partying. Food trucks in Curacao take care of them. The most famous item served on these trucks is BBQ with bread or fries, and a lot of sauce (locals love saucy food). Apart from delicious food, the atmosphere here at food trucks is so lively and vibrant that all you get is positive vibes. People are standing in groups, leaning on to the walls, sitting on barricades or bricks, and just having the time of their lives. It is so casual and friendly that you forget to keep up with the time as this place opens till late at night. I would highly advise you to visit these food trucks and taste their food and meet friendliest people. Along with BBQ, you will also find fresh juices, so if you are not looking for food you can come here chill with your friends. 

Here are the top 11 food trucks in Curacao which I like and love to visit frequently. 

1. The Flako’s Grill 

The Flakos Grill Foodtruck in Curacao
The Flakos Grill Foodtruck in Curacao

Thinking of bbq? Think of The Flako’s Grill. It is situated at Caracasabaai with all other food trucks. It stands out due to its service, amazing taste, and reasonable rates. The menu is full of options, if you like meat or chicken, you don’t need to worry as it has a variety of options available. It starts serving from 9:00 pm onwards till late at night accommodating those who have late shifts, night cravings, or social butterflies. It serves with amazing sauces and tendering meat with complete care of hygiene. It is well-reviewed and reputed place, and you are going to love the ambiance and taste of The Flako’s Grill. 

2.  BBQ Express Caracasbaai

BBQ Express Food Truck in Curacao
BBQ Express Caracasbaai ~ Food Truck in Curacao

An award-winning and one of the best if not the best BBQ food truck. It has the best grill in town and serves amazing dishes with rich sauces and taste. If you see a long queue in front of a truck then you know you’re at the right spot. BBQ Express is located at Caracasabaai and Sta Maria. A place with the finest grilled meat and seafood. It features only the best ingredients and offers Angus certified steaks, fresh seafood, chicken, ribs, burgers, side dishes, and most importantly range of delicious sauces. Take your order and pour traditional sauce like chimichurri or spicy onion salsa, and enjoy under the twinkling stars. It is known for its tastes and been trusted for years now. 

3. Koki Riba Bloki 

Koki Riba Bloki Food Truck
Koki Riba Bloki Food Truck

Fast food and BBQ holds a very special place for people of Curacao as they love food and have an amazing taste. At St. Rosaweg, a food truck named Koki riba Bloki serves BBQ and fast food varieties late night at reasonable prices. It got friendly staff and nice service, and make sure that they do not compromise on the quantity. They offer major variety in BBQ, steaks, and burgers with sidelines. The place is full of people having and enjoying the food. So when in the town do visit Koki riba Bloki at your convenience. 

4. BBQ Express Sta Maria

The name is the same, the quality, menu, and service are identical, and it is just the location that they have added. BBQ Express along with its name and reputation is now available at Sta Maria. Due to the current situation, they have changed their timings and now are open from 12 pm to 10 pm offering the menu. Now you can eat the same delicious and finger-licking BBQ dishes in the afternoon. They have also introduced an online order system to keep you safe and avoid any human contact. You can either order online or pick it up, hence you do not have to wait in lines or ask BBQ Express staff to deliver the order. It serves all your favorite dishes from the Caracasabaai branch including steaks, BBQ, burgers, and sauces. 

5. Chip Sigi Grillstation 

The options for food trucks are immense in Curacao each one of them offering an amazing menu with great taste and variety. Similarly, Chip Sigi Grillstation is one of the food trucks serving BBQ and fast food at Santa Rosaweg. It is a great place to hang out at night and fulfill the cravings. It is known for Btata (fries), Stoba Kabritu (braised goat meat), and lomito. The experience elevates with a chilled beer served at the spot. 

6. Midnight Delight Grill

Do you love BBQ food and crave them at night? Of course, you do, it is very common. Midnight Delight Grill is an amazing place to satisfy that craving. This food truck is parked at Fokkerweg, Willemstad, and serves meat, chicken, and seafood. It has a variety of burgers as well as steaks. They do also serve a mixed platter for those who are confused with what to eat. Enjoy your meal under starry lights amongst cool breeze with a chilled beer. 

7. Fridays Baby Truck

Big package in a small size defines perfectly Fridays Baby Truck. It is situated in Caracasabaaiweg and opens from 9 to midnight as per the new normal. It has a wide variety of bbq items, steaks, and fast food. It takes pride in quality taste and preparation of food and all of their meat is tendered and well-marinated. Besides, the staff is friendly as well helping customers in choosing the dish and serving them with love. They have started delivering service for your convenience. It is never a dull moment in Curacao if you are visiting a beach or a food truck. 

8. Tok Tok Grill

Tok Tok Food on Wheels

Another addition to the food truck options at Caracasbaaiweg which serves grilled food in the shape of burgers and steaks. It also has a variety of sauces and other dishes to cater to customers. It is serving from 9 pm to 4 am including delivery services, if you do not feel like leaving your couch at night then just order from Tok Tok Grill and it promises to have the same taste. 

9. Grill Septimo Cielo 

Talking of grill seafood, steak, or ribs, Grill Septimo Cielo has made its name. It is situated in Haiti Weg and serves some premium taste and quality meat. It also offers delivery services for your convenience or you can stop by and enjoy the live cooking. The taste and ambiance relax your mind and satisfies your craving. It is a nice place to hang out with your friends and family late at night especially on weekends. 

10. HAPPY SUN Food Truck

A relatively new food truck with promising taste and varieties of food like burgers, ribs, fries, and other fast food items. It is located at Martin Luther King Boulevard, Willemstad, and has started to make its name gradually among the people. It might be the new place, it is definitely going to be one of the hot places to eat in Curacao. 

11. Spank Banks Grill Shoarma & Kapsalon

Spank Banks Grill Shoarma & Kapsalon, the food truck got nice reviews acknowledging the talent of the cook and attracting new customers towards it. A bar and a grill with local dishes (Truki di pan) with a variety of tasty and delicious food. You have to taste the his famous Kapsalon Shoarma dish which they make with their secret recipe.

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