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Beautiful Beaches that I visited in Curaçao

Beautiful Beaches in Curaçao

Curacao is not only enriched with culture and diversity but being an island, it is surrounded by beautiful and exotic beaches. Landscapes, expansive coral reefs, mountains, and other natural beauty is another aspect of Curacao which requires detailing and description some other time. Today, I am going to share my experience of visiting the following beaches which I think everyone must visit once, although these are not ranked as everyone has different perspectives and choices.

Seaquarium Beach

Palm trees, clear blue waters and white sand is a wish come true combination when it comes to the perfect beach experiences, Seaquarium Beach comprises both. It is right next to the Seaquarium with all the facilities of shopping, eating, relaxing, and water-sports. Besides, you can find Cabana/Kontiki Beach and the Mambo Beach on the west side of the beach and Lions Dive Resort on the east side, which is a perfect spot for relaxing under the shadows of palm trees and moving waves of cool and clear waters. The beach is family-friendly and popular among them, whereas at night it is a hub of entertainment and the place gets crowded for concerts and even movie nights.

  • Chill Beach Bar & Grill

    Chill Grill Bar & Beach in Curacao

    I visited the Chill Beach Bar & Grill located at Lions Dive & Beach Resort (Seaquarium Beach). If you are a fan of barbeque like me then Chill Beach Bar & Grill at Lion Dive Resort is the perfect place for you. They start serving at noon, you can really feel the vibes while eating delicious meal standing bare feet on the white sand.My first impression already gave me a happy feeling as the whole place is decorated with driftwood from companies in Curacao. As locals told me that it is a lovely location to party and chill as there is always something happening there. Apart from fresh BBQ, you can also enjoy chill beers, tasty cocktails, and refreshing drinks.

    It seems like the whole Curacao is gathered in one place, the place is so vibrant and lively as if life is only about parties. If you are going for a visit, remember their specialty is fish and meat skewers served with bread and salad. My personal favorite.
  • Mambo Beach

    My all-time favorite party beach. I would like to start by saying, I LOVE Mambo Beach (Seaquarium Beach)., it has everything: cool beach beds, a magnificent panorama of the ocean, and a superb pool. I went to Mambo beach many times and enjoyed personally from the DJ to the people “Bonita Beach Club”<>, and they type of music differ from time to time. Even the food is astounding, and the beach is for both kids and adults. It is also surrounded by Shopping centers and restaurants, so you can buy whatever you want. The entry fee for the beach is under $10, but chairs are free. Music is always on, and they know how to party. There are 2 floors on the beach, filled with stores, restaurants, bars, and many fun performances that are hosted here. And the best feature of the beach is that it offers a variety of water sports and children’s play areas. If you want to party, there is no better place than Mambo Beach, so go there and have fun.

Playa Grandi

Playa Grandi - Dream Studio Curacao
Playa Grandi – Dream Studio Curacao

In the list of beautiful beaches of Curacao, Playa Grandi gets a spot as well. It is also known as Playa Piskado and “the Fishermen beach”. It is a great spot for fishermen of catching fishes and the waste is deposited back in the sea which invites sea turtles. From all the beaches, Playa Grandi is one of the best place to spot a sea turtle and a big one. Apart from sightseeing and enjoying the aesthetic views of Curacao, Playa Grandi is a nice location for diving and snorkeling.

With the fishermen hunting, you can also buy a fish on the spot and have it later for lunch or dinner. It is always delicious to have fresh fish and especially when you have seen the process of catching one. It is emerging as a nice tourist place because of calm waters and not many visits on weekdays, even on the weekends, the place is quite reasonable and not as crowded as any other tourist place. People also tend to visit this place for great pictures with boats and nets.

Playa Grandi - Moony4ever
Playa Grandi – Moony4ever

Restaurant Blue View Sunset Terrace was that day the only place to eat and that ‘s the reason why locals suggested that you bring your food and drink as the restaurants open mostly in the weekend.

  • Restaurant Blue View Sunset Terrace

    On Playa Grandi there are no many facilities on the beach itself, so its recommendable to bring everything yourself. Except on weekends, because then a local eatery is open such as Restaurant Blue View Sunset Terrace. On the menu they had even Iguana dishes and the well known Lion Fish, which I preferred not to try, instead a simple burger, which was delicious!

Klein Curacao – Little Curacao Beach

It was almost the end of the week and literally, there were no plans for the weekend. I searched on Instagram about exciting and adventurous activities to do in Curacao and also asked my followers to suggest. The most common recommendation was of Klein Curacao. Firstly, I was not much aware of the beach as it is not in the parameters of Curacao instead it is located on an isolated island 20 miles far from Curacao.

The plan already started to sound cool. I searched for the place and came to know you either need a boat or a helicopter to reach the destination. So, I searched for companies that can facilitate me and I found two. It was a whole day trip starting the early morning at 7:00 am. The package includes breakfast, midday meal, and drinks which really helped me in not carrying much. Let me tell you another fact, if you are fond of sea-sickness then it is better to carry pills because there was this person who felt sick and ill throughout the journey.

When we reached there, it was aesthetic and all I can recall is scenic views. The view was breathtaking, indeed. Though there are few huts, I would suggest you take an umbrella if possible and sunscreen lotion because there are high chances of not getting a space in those huts. Apart from the beach, there is a lighthouse reminding me of a horror movie, so do check it out, and a wrecked ship to explore and see the magnitude of structure and if you have not seen one before (like me) then you would definitely enjoy it.

Fan of diving, snorkeling, or kite surfing? Klein Beach is the perfect place for you. The waters were clear and the winds were perfect for surfing, some people in the group brought the equipment and had a blast, wish I knew how to do it. Anyways, someday I will go on a snorkeling trip too.

 We started our journey back at 5:00 pm and it took 2 to 3 hours. Honestly, the experience for me visiting Klein Curacao is one of the best and it is certainly one of the most relaxing beaches.

There are no residents on Klein Curacao and it is a devoted tourist spot for locals as well. But the history of Klein Curacao goes way back when the Dutch West India Company used to bring slaves from Africa to work on New World Plantations, they used to stop at Klein, and those suffering from diseases and illness used to be quarantined there.

With that being said, it is still the most amazing place to visit in Curacao.

Kenepa Beach

There are many wonderful beaches in Curaçao, though this small beach is one of my favorites. The water is crystal clear, and the view is breath-taking. The beach is very clean and there are also many restaurants near Kenepa Beach, such as De Dames <>, Sol Food<> and Rancho El Sobrino< >. This is more of a local beach, And I enjoy being able to be around the locals listening to their music. You can also jump from the cliff. I did not didn’t try it, but I noticed some locals jump, and it seemed sensational. Sometimes, it can be busy with tourists. Their security rules are also very convincing, which makes me feel more secure. Its parking area is a bit small, so sometimes you may not be able to find a place for parking, but construction work is continuously going on to expand the parking area. The Kenepa beach is in two parts, one part is bigger(Kenepa Grandi) while the other one is smaller(Kenepa Chiki). Since, its a public park so it’s free for everyone.

Cas Abao Beach

This beach has something for everyone and is always packed with couples and families. The beach has blue water and white powdery sand. It is good for both snorkeling and swimming. It also has restrooms, a bar, and beach chairs are also available for rent. I’ve snorkeled with “The Dive Bus”<>all across the island, and this is the best one. This beach is also famous for its massage services. And I toured this beach especially for the massage<>, but I fully liked the sounds of the ocean and the LIVE music from a private party. I would recommend this beach and the massage too; you’ll certainly love them both. If you want to thoroughly enjoy your visit to the beach, I would advise you to go as early as possible. By noon the beach could be filled, and getting lounge chairs can be challenging. The entry fee to the Beach is just $10 while Opening hour of the beach are from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. I would suggest you to wear a pair of water shoes, since it is very rocky underwater and rocks can damage your feet.

Playa Porto Mari

This beach is located in the town of St. Willibrodus and is honestly one of the most stunning beaches in Curaçao. Natural white sand, pure blue-green waters are crystal clear and filled with plenty of colorful fish. The beach also has many huts to stay calm and to protect you from the sun. Playa Porto Mari is also famous for the pigs that live on the beach, named Willy and Woodie. The two wild pigs that are tame and walk and chill on that beach. Great for making pictures! It offers excellent opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving with the company The Dive Bus <>, and there is also a store nearby for renting stuff for scuba diving if you don’t have your own. There is also a local bar, which offers tasty food and drinks. I went there three times, stayed for 4-5 hours and had an amazing time. On Sundays, the beach is usually full, so, I would advise you if you want to have a good time, don’t go there on Sunday. The entry fee per person is $3, and it is to keep it clean. And the beach is open daily from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. 

Jan Thiel Beach

Jan Theil Beach is considered amongst the best beaches in Curacao, and is famous for water sports, its sunbeds, restaurants, retail shops, and bars. The beach is very clean and well-kept, the water is crystal clear and blue. And there are very few rocks underwater.

No doubt, one of the best beaches in Curacao. The entrance fee is just $3.5. It has parking inside and a big pool. You cannot enter with food and drink. Beach is surrounded by many restaurants such as Zanzibar Beach & Restaurant<> and bars. There are several options to do a jet ski<>. It also has a “pier” floating a few meters on the beach.

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