At Willi wood road, near Banda Abou, there is a restaurant called ‘Toko Williwood’, located at St. Willibrordus Curaçao, an extraordinary little village better known today as Williwood. At Toko Williwood they serve a very delicious ‘Kabritu Burger’.

About St. Willibrordus

St. Willibrordus and the Williwood hill, are approximately 25km from the capital towards the western side of the island where you will also find the first of many secluded natural beaches. Surrounded by untouched nature, rolling countryside, and a relaxed Caribbean atmosphere, Williwood is an experience you would not want to miss!

The Williwood sign, the St. Willibrordus Williwood Route, and the Roadmap all sponsored with local businesses, these are just the first steps of the Williwood project. St. Willibrordus has got gorgeous natural white beaches, beautiful nature, excellent snorkeling, and dive sites. It has a large cultural history that still can be found and visited throughout the area.

Apart from this, it is a project by the ‘Willibrordians’ themselves for their fellow residents, we want to do more. It’s an example and a steppingstone for the youth; Show them possibilities, realize ideas/dreams/concepts. We want to help them by giving workshops, sponsor local projects, and create opportunities for local entrepreneurs and artists.

Opening Hours

monday 7:00 am 10:00 pm
tuesday 7:00 am 10:00 pm
wednesday 7:00 am 10:00 pm
thursday 7:00 am 10:00 pm
Open now
friday 7:00 am 10:00 pm
saturday 7:00 am 10:00 pm
sunday 10:00 am 10:00 pm


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