Krioyo Food Curacao

Local Food of Curacao, known as Krioyo Food

Local Food of Curacao, Krioyo Food

Food is one of the most pleasant ways to experience a new culture.  Curaçao has been home to many different cultures, so you’ll find plenty of traditional dishes to eat. The local food is called Krioyo’ (pronounced the same as criollo, the Spanish word for “Creole”) and is very heavy and hearty.  My favourite Krioyo dish is Arepa di Pampuna, and it is made of Pumpkins. Although it is very difficult to rank local dishes since preference differs from person to person.

Here is the list of most famous Krioyo foods…

Keshi Yena

Keshi yena known as a Dutch Caribbean Cheese Pie, one of my favorite Krioyo Foods. It also has a very unique history, according to some legends this dish was invented during the African slave trade.

This dish is made up of chicken and vegetables. All you have to do is to take chicken and vegetables and wrap them in banana leaf. And then put them in an oven.

Restaurant De Gouverneur

To taste a delicious Keshi Yena you really have to go to “De Gouverneur” but they only serve it on their Dinner Menu:
Restaurant Gouverneur is located in a beautiful building in Willemstad, in Otrabanda, you can eat here in the red-colored colonial building, on the balcony with a view of the colorful houses of Willemstad or you can find a spot in the inner garden, which is decorated by a beautiful fountain.

Kabritu – Goat Meat

Goats are everywhere on the Island, and this dish is made of Goat’s meat. It is a very heavy and hearty dish. The goat’s meat is slowly cooked at medium heat for many hours, and many types of herbs are on it. In Curaçao, the meat is very popular, and it leads to the creation of many new dishes like this.

  • Kabritu Burger @Toko Williwood

    Williwood Burger in Curacao
    Williwood Burger in Curaçao

    At Willi wood road, near Banda Abou there is a restaurant called ‘Toko Williwood’. In 2008 Marfa Wawoe started Toko St Willibrordus from a small supermarket to the main attraction of the entire area around St. Willibrordus.

    The Williburger has now been developed at Toko WILLIWOOD. It came even in the news that a new Curaçao delicacy was introduced in the presence of Minister Goeloe of Economic Affairs, Steven Martina, Eugene Rhuggenaath and Zita Leito, namely the “WILLIBURGER” the delicious  ‘Kabritu Burger’.

    This burger made from Goat meat has passed a very successful pilot period and is standard on the map of the Toko in St. Willibrordus. The marketing stunt behind this burger started on Hato’s band and will be rolled out across the entire island, to put this Curaçao, healthy & tasty treat on the world map.

Stoba – Stew meat

Stoba is a very common Krioyo dish in Curaçao. It is made of goat meat and is a very hearty and healthy dish. It can also be made with a combination of meat and vegetables. Different spices are used to give it a distinctive taste. You can also add papaya to make it a bit sweet.

  • Restaurant Komedor Krioyo

    If you want to eat the most delicious Stoba on the island, I would recommend you to go to ‘Restaurant Komedor Krioyo – Landhuis Dokterstuin’. According to many locals, Komedor Krioyo is the best place on the island to eat Creole. This restaurant is located in the beautiful, relaxed garden of the Dokterstuin country house and is, in my opinion, a must visit on Curaçao. You have a large choice of typical local dishes. If you go out eating with a group of friends or family, I recommend that you order everything and share the dishes, so that you can get to know the traditional Creole kitchen perfectly.

Arepa di Pampuna – Pumpkin Pancakes

Arepa di Pampuna is made of pumpkins. It is a sweet dish and is mostly served in between meals, you can also eat it as a desert. Its recipe is very easy but it takes a long time to make it. Arepa di Pampuna is very healthy and delicious.

  • Plasa Bieu

    Since this is a local dish, most local restaurants in Curaçao have it. I would recommend to try the Arepa di Pampuna at Plasa Bieu. I also ordered the  the delicious local dish, Piska ku Funchi. This  place is a very famous amongst locals, and have several local food dishes to choose from. As they all serve nearly all types of local Food.

Bolo di Kashupete – Cashew Cake

Curaçao has many kinds of sweet dishes, but Cashew Cake is the most delicious. According to locals, Cashew Cakes. Locals say that the best Cashew cakes are made by home bakers, that is why most people don’t go to the store to buy this cake, instead, they ask a friend.

Cake Faces

But there is one home bakery known as ‘Cake Faces’, and they do sell Cashew Cakes with Original blue Liquor. You can easily place your order on their Facebook page <>. Believe me, it’s one of the best Cakes I have ever tasted.

Piska ku Funchi – Fish with Polenta

Since Curaçao is Surrounded by beautiful blue water, it allows them to catch the fresh and delicious fish. Red Snapper is the most common fish on the island. The fried fish is mixed with Polenta and fried plantain. And then it is served with salad.

Restaurant Karakter

Karakter Restaurant Beach Lounge
Karakter Restaurant Beach Lounge

At ‘Karakter Curaçao’ they serve a very tasty and traditional Piska ku Funchi, dishes focusing on healthy and tasty food. You are really served here to your liking and the quality is very high. A great option for Dinner, they also give free Umbrellas and loungers, and the views are mesmerizing.

This restaurant is located on the Coral Estate resort, about a half hour drive from Punda, Willemstad.

It is one of the best restaurants on Curaçao and it is right on the beach. Enjoy the view of the setting sun while eating here.


Lionfish – Sea Food

Finding seafood in Curaçao is not an issue, It’s everywhere. But have you ever eaten traditional lionfish before?  The Lionfish has been on Curaçao for some time. The fish tastes great and is already offered by many restaurants on Curacao.

The Lionfish has now become common in the waters around Curaçao. It is important that you can recognize it when you are diving or snorkeling. The first sighting of the lionfish was at Watamula on October 27, 2009.

The Lionfish is a beautiful fish. They are therefore popular aquarium fish and the story goes that during an hurricane (1992) an aquarium was destroyed in Florida and 6 fish ended up in the sea. Because the Lionfish normally does not occur at all in the Caribbean waters. They are native to the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Lionfish is mostly prepared with Creole ingredients, therefore it’s know of the best of the Krioyo Food dish.

Shelter Rock Paradise

If you want to eat one of the best varieties of fish, you should go to the ‘ Shelter Rock Paradise < in Willemstad. This place’s seafood menu includes Lionfish, striped fish and Red Snapper. Striped fish are a bit difficult to eat due to their sharp spines. Except Traditional Caribbean Food you can also have International food.

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